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WWe exchanged Babel&TSC for SWC and it was worth it!

2021-03-294 Min Read

After reading about SWC, and how it is supposed to be both a transpiler á la babel and a typescript compiler, while doing both blazingly fast, we wanted to check if it could improve our build times. And it really did! The details of our setup will…

FFirst Full Stack Feast, Telia Internal Conference

2019-03-296 Min Read

Full Stack Feast is an internal mini conference in Telia Norway, that aims to bring together developers, designers, product owners and anyone else involved in software engineering in our company. To accomplish this, we want to cover a broad range of…

RReact & JavaScript Workshop

2019-02-086 Min Read

This is a short summery about the engineering workshop in UiT university. Motivation We, at Telia, are encouraged to share our knowledge and contribute to the community. One of the main contributions we believe in is to help students find their…