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How Clojure helped us recover from bad data

Posted 2019-12-02 — 5 min read
On a calm autumn morning we got a desperate call from our customer service. Our biggest customer had just started a pilot of our "expense share" functionality - and was missing half of their data. And they absolutely needed them for sending salaries…

Clojure vs Java: Troubleshooting an application in production

Posted 2019-03-07 — 6 min read
I have just gone through the painful experience of troubleshooting a remote Java webapp in a production-like environment and longed for Clojure's explore-and-edit-running-app REPL. I want to demonstrate and contrast the tools the two languages offer…

Upgrade or not to upgrade? The eternal dilemma

Posted 2015-10-20 — 2 min read
A part of the series Nettbutikk Team's Experiences and Experiments Handling dependencies is one of important challenges in any software project - and especially in the fast-moving JavaScript world. Our Nettbutikk team just had a heated discussion…