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AAWS Fargate: Troubleshooting the dreaded 'service .. is unhealthy'

2019-12-063 Min Read

So you have just deployed your Docker container to AWS Fargate but it keeps on restarting with the event "service XYZ (..) is unhealthy .." and you have no idea why. I have spent many bloody hours here and will gladly share my insights with you. The…

FFirst Full Stack Feast, Telia Internal Conference

2019-03-296 Min Read

Full Stack Feast is an internal mini conference in Telia Norway, that aims to bring together developers, designers, product owners and anyone else involved in software engineering in our company. To accomplish this, we want to cover a broad range of…

JJava/Spring App Troubleshooting on Steroids with Clojure REPL

2019-02-017 Min Read

We have a Java/Groovy Spring Boot webapp, mainly running a bunch of batch jobs fetching, transforming and combining data. It is challenging to troubleshoot production issues because some production APIs are only accessible from the production servers…

WWhy we love AWS Beanstalk but are leaving it anyway

2018-02-021 Min Read

We have had our mission-critical webapp running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk for three years and have been extremely happy with it. However we have now outgrown it and move to a manually managed infrastructure and CodeDeploy. AWS Beanstalk provides you…

PPains with Terraform (perhaps use Sceptre next time?)

2018-02-017 Min Read

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) heavily and are in the process of migrating towards infrastructure-as-code, i.e. creating a textual description of the desired infrastructure in a DSL and letting the tool create and update the infrastructure. We are…