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Dev happiness fika

Posted 2019-09-27 — 4 min read
What defines a good work environment for developers? Is it that sharing and learning are encouraged? Or that there is time for pair programming? Full autonomous teams? Kickoffs and beer brewing? Or maybe ping-pong tables and a barista? There are…

Learning Fridays: Making the time to learn and improve

Posted 2019-09-23 — 4 min read
We devote the last day of each month purely to learning - every techie is highly encouraged and expected to spend the time becoming better at her job by practicing her skill and learning new things. We read books, watch talks, go through on-line…

First Full Stack Feast, Telia Internal Conference

Posted 2019-03-29 — 6 min read
Full Stack Feast is an internal mini conference in Telia Norway, that aims to bring together developers, designers, product owners and anyone else involved in software engineering in our company. To accomplish this, we want to cover a broad range of…