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How Clojure helped us recover from bad data

Posted 2019-12-02 — 5 min read
On a calm autumn morning we got a desperate call from our customer service. Our biggest customer had just started a pilot of our "expense share" functionality - and was missing half of their data. And they absolutely needed them for sending salaries…

Choose Clojure not because it is easy but because it is "weird"

Posted 2019-11-11 — 2 min read
When I was deciding what new language to learn, I could have picked the quite familiar Scala but chose instead Clojure - not despite of its lack of object-orientation, its immutable data structures, its too many parentheses on a single line - but…

Java/Spring App Troubleshooting on Steroids with Clojure REPL

Posted 2019-02-01 — 7 min read
We have a Java/Groovy Spring Boot webapp, mainly running a bunch of batch jobs fetching, transforming and combining data. It is challenging to troubleshoot production issues because some production APIs are only accessible from the production servers…