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CClojure vs Java: Troubleshooting an application in production

2019-03-076 Min Read

I have just gone through the painful experience of troubleshooting a remote Java webapp in a production-like environment and longed for Clojure's explore-and-edit-running-app REPL. I want to demonstrate and contrast the tools the two languages offer…

CCross Platform Builds & its merrits

2019-02-194 Min Read

We've recently been developing a cross platform application. In its core, it is not cross-platform as in mobile versus desktop, but moreso one language intertwined with another. Let's walk through our challenges and discoveries when building this…

JJava/Spring App Troubleshooting on Steroids with Clojure REPL

2019-02-016 Min Read

We have a Java/Groovy Spring Boot webapp, mainly running a bunch of batch jobs fetching, transforming and combining data. It is challenging to troubleshoot production issues because some production APIs are only accessible from the production servers…