The Telia Identity API

The Telia Identity API is now available as a selective beta test! In order for developers to use our API, we wrote the corresponding documentation using the developer hub. The guys behind were so impressed with our documentation that they wanted us to write a blog post about it! You can read the blog post here.

What is the Telia Identity API?

The Telia Identity API allows third party applications to verify the identity of end users as well as obtaining their profile information. However, the third party client can only obtain the user’s profile information after the user gives their consent, placing the end user’s privacy before anything else.

The API also provides a seamless experience across applications by providing single-sign-on. Meaning that the user signs in only once and are then authenticated on all their connected applications. By authentication the user through their smartphone, we hope to create a more frictionless sign-in solution than the more traditional username/password model.

We wanted to create an API that was simple and fun to implement for developers. We hope we have achieved this, but we would love to get feedback from developers using our API. You can check out the documentation here.

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