Nettbutikk: The No Status Standup Experiment

A part of the series Nettbutikk Team's Experiences and Experiments

The Nettbutikk team likes to challenge all established truths. Jakob Lind has come with with an excellent question: do we need standups? Do we all need to stand in front of our Kanban board and discuss what was and will be, especially since we often already know that, thanks to communication all the time?

We have agreed to keep the standups but to limit them to:

  1. A brief review of what has been deployed to production the previous day
  2. Any blockers, problems, and requests for help

i.e. skipping the reporting of the status of tasks if they progress "according to the plan" and there is nothing noteworthy about them. Of course participants can ask, if they want to know. And they should do so, if they e.g. feel a task is taking too long.

Minimalism for the win!

nettbutikk , product, development, lean