Accessible Web Development Workshop
13.05.20192 Min Read — In Learning
Author:  Majid Hajian

We as developers have a the power to include or exclude people from using our services. Although design is vital for accessibility, it gets nowhere without correct code. Accessible websites drive better conversion rates and a better user experience for everyone, while poor accessibility can both cost us on the bottom line and PR-wise.

As our tools become more powerful (HTML + JS -> jQuery -> Backbone -> React -> ?), we can create a lot more advanced web applications, but at the same time we run a greater risk of hurting the accessibility of our pages. Learning and remembering the basics might sound boring, but is actually really interesting once you dive into it, and it will enable those advanced web apps to be really accessible to everyone.

In this workshop we will combine learning about writing accessible HTML/CSS/JavaScript and working on solving problems in our own code bases.

Topics I'll cover range from the advanced, like the accessibility tree, how to handle navigation in SPAs, live updates on the page and use of ARIA, to basics like the difference between buttons and links, heading order, keyboard navigation and more. I'll use HTML5, CSS and React as basis for examples, but they should mostly be universally applicable on the web. I will also teach you different ways to test web pages, and we will try them out on Telia webpages.

After the theoretical sections, we will dive into working on our own (or someone else) code bases. This could include your team's web app, the Telia Styleguide/component library, etc. I'll prepare some suggestions for tasks, but it would be even better if you test your own site and fix bugs you find.

Location / Date

Workshop will be held on Tuesday, May 21st 2019 , Location will be announced soon. If you wish to join please fill the following form as we have limited seats.

Please only register with your Telia/Get/Futurehome/OneCall/MyCall emails and do not use your personal email.

We hope all teams in Telia, could send one representative at least.

See you soon,
Majid on behalf of Full Stack Feast members.