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EExperience Report: Hiring for Clojure(Script) is Easy

15.03.20182 Min Read

Our experience shows that hiring people for a Clojure(Script) project is relatively easy (in Oslo, Norway) despite a market where demand exceeds supply. But it is important to use the right channels…

WWhy we love AWS Beanstalk but are leaving it anyway

02.02.20181 Min Read

We have had our mission-critical webapp running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk for three years and have been extremely happy with it. However we have now outgrown it and move to a manually managed…

PPains with Terraform (perhaps use Sceptre next time?)

01.02.20187 Min Read

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) heavily and are in the process of migrating towards infrastructure-as-code, i.e. creating a textual description of the desired infrastructure in a DSL and letting the…