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My first month of Rust

Posted 30.01.2020 — 8 min read
A month ago I have started learning Rust and would like to share my impressions, the good things I have appreciated, and the things I have struggled with. Why Rust, do you ask? Primarily to challenge…

How Clojure helped us recover from bad data

Posted 02.12.2019 — 5 min read
On a calm autumn morning we got a desperate call from our customer service. Our biggest customer had just started a pilot of our "expense share" functionality - and was missing half of their data. And…

15 great podcasts for designers and developers

Posted 15.10.2019 — 7 min read
Fed up with trashy tv? Or maybe your eyes are tired from looking at a screen all day? Here's The Hitchhiker's Guide to Podcasts! This list is great for both developers and designers or if you are…

Machine Learning Master's Thesis

Posted 01.10.2019 — 2 min read
After spending a summer as an intern in Telia Norway, I very quickly understood the impact of the company on the telecommunication industry in Scandinavia and the great things the company is set to…

Dev happiness fika

Posted 27.09.2019 — 4 min read
What defines a good work environment for developers? Is it that sharing and learning are encouraged? Or that there is time for pair programming? Full autonomous teams? Kickoffs and beer brewing? Or…

Learning Fridays: Making the time to learn and improve

Posted 23.09.2019 — 4 min read
We devote the last day of each month purely to learning - every techie is highly encouraged and expected to spend the time becoming better at her job by practicing her skill and learning new things…